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The Adelaide Road development is now nearing completion with some of the 16 townhouses in the last stages of finishing with all being completed ready for renting in November 2019.

When completed the Trust will hold the properties long term as superior rental properties. The project has run extremely well with a few relatively minor issues. It has kept on time and on-budget throughout.

Holmes Construction (the builders) have been exceptional performers, Architecture + (the Architects), Clendon Burns and Park (the structural Engineers), Cuttriss Consultants (Civil Engineering and Land Surveyors), Robertson Surveyors (Quantity Surveyors), Richard Te One (Client representative) have all contributed to the build and we have had excellent cooperation from the Arvida team (Village at the Park) next door and MacAlister Heights, and neighbouring properties.  Our Hikoikoi Management Team headed by Keith Hindle our Business Manager managed all the invoicing and the contracts for the project.

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