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My family member has passed away and I want to put my name/whānau trust under their shares.

Contact the Māori Land Court to succeed to these shares.  Once you have done this the Māori Land Court will post the succession to us.  We will then be in a position to update our records.

Can I log on to the database and look at the value of the shares that I have in Wellington Tenths Trust?

No.  Please email for information regarding your shares or phone 04 473 2502 or tollfree 0508 445 645.

I have my bank account and IRD number. Can I give it to you over the phone?

No.  Please post these to PO Box 39294, Lower Hutt 5045, or send via email so we have a record of your details.

Why have I not received my distribution payment?

This usually happens if we do not have your bank information.  Please contact us on 0508 445 645 or email us with your contact information on

What is the minimum accumulated distribution for owners that the Trusts pay out into bank accounts?

The following resolution was accepted at both 2017 annual general meetings by owners: That the minimum accumulated distribution for owners that have overseas bank accounts to be $100 and that the minimum accumulated distribution amount for owners that have New Zealand bank accounts to be $50.

Can I still receive my distribution by cheque?

No.  The Wellington Tenths Trust determined 2017 be the last year distribution payments were made by cheque.

How do we put our shares in a Whānau Trust?

Please contact the Māori Land Court for information on forming a Whānau Trust.

My name on the database is not correct - how do I change this?

The Māori Land Court relies on oral evidence given during court hearings and sometimes the name is recorded as the one that you are known by in your family rather than your legal name.  You must change this through the Māori Land Court.  There is a form on their website that you can complete, alternatively you can go along to one of their offices.

What are my shares worth?

The value of shares is noted in the Annual Report. Click here to read a paper that has been prepared about Buying and Selling Shares.

Does the Wellington Tenths Trust provide grants or scholarships?

No. However you can access the Generosity website to gain access to grants and scholarships for free. gives you access to more than 4,000 scholarships and awards for individuals through the givME service. It is a valuable tool and is available in any school, university, or council library that has subscribed.

Does the Trust provide a grant to help with tangihanga/bereavement?

As resolved at the 2011 joint meeting of the Wellington Tenths Trust and the Palmerston North Māori Reserves Trust, where there is a death of an owner or descendant of an owner, after verification through the database the Trusts may make a koha amount of up to $200 from each Trust’s tangihanga fund. Please call the Executive Office on 0508 445 645.

Is Wellington Tenths Trust and Palmerston North Māori Reserves one in the same as Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust (PNBST)?

No, we are separate entities.  The Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust was established in August 2008 to receive and manage the settlement package for Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika. As part of the settlement process, the Crown required that the establishment of the Trust be ratified by those registered with the Port Nicholson Block Claim in 2007. The Deed of Settlement was signed on 19 August 2008. If you need to contact PNBST please call them on 0800 767 8642, email Their offices are based in the Tramways Building, 1-3 Thorndon Quay, Wellington.

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